Flight Schools

saPilot offer flight schools an integrated training solution for all its groundschool requirements. The implementation of the training system ensures that the SACAA Part 141 requirements are met and that the necessary approval and certification for the Theoretical Knowledge Syllabus can be obtained from CAA Standards and Testing.

What are the benefits? Training institutions save between 50-70% when supplementing instructor-led training with distance learning. Our offering is aimed at assisting instructors by providing an additional training tool for students to study in preparation for a classroom session and/or as revision when preparing for their final CAA examinations, thereby promoting training effectiveness

What are the benefits?

» anywhere, anytime, anyone
» cost savings of travel expenses
» higher retention of content
» self paced learning
» reduced training costs
» measure effectiveness of learning
» reduced learning time
» uniformity of content

The saPilot training system includes the following:

  • web based training and progress reports
  • examinations and result reports
  • aviation glossaries, manuals and workbooks
  • online assistance and comments
  • internal messaging

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  • Restricted Radio-, Private- and Commercial Pilot courses
  • Instructor and Student registrations
  • Examination system
  • Course structures
  • Reports and Statistics
  • Attendance, course progress and examination reports
  • saPilot helpdesk support
  • 10 student registrations allowed at any one time (additions to the limit are quoted for separately)
10 Students
3 Months Subscription
10 Students
6 Months Subscription



Additional Student Subscriptions
Price is per student for 6 months, set the quantity on the Checkout page and select update. Email the list of students to saPilot for registration (Name, Surname and email address). Please note that students need to be added to a current FS subscription at this special price.


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