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The “start-to-finish” approach of the membership programme is aimed at pilots and aviation personnel studying for a career in aviation. The self-study lessons includes all available courses to training the student to a standard that will enable them to pass the Restricted Radiotelephony Certificate and prescribed SACAA PPL and CPL examinations.

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  • Restricted Radiotelephony Course
  • Private Pilot Course
  • Commercial Pilot Course
6 Months Subscription + additional sets of eBooks

Computer Based Training
Online Manuals and PPL Workbooks
Additional set of eBooks for PPL and CPL in PDF format valued at R 3,100.00
Online Examinations with revision


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Restricted Radio License Course (15 hours) ▼

Private Pilot License Courses (65 hours) ▼

Commercial Pilot License Course (110 hours) ▼

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