Before a candidate can obtain a National- or Private Pilot’s Licence the student must pass a written examination and a skills test in radio procedures. The emphasis for the Restricted Radiotelephony Operators Certificate lies on a good general knowledge of the rules and procedures governing visual flying. The Restricted Radiotelephony Operators Certificate syllabus is based on the SA CIVIL AVIATION TECHNICAL STANDARDS, Appendix 1.5 to SA-CATS-FCL 61.

Please note that saPilot does not provide the skills (practical) test and final examination

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Classes of Airspace and associated ATS ▼

Altimeter Setting Procedures ▼

Air Traffic Services Flight Plan ▼

Technical ▼

Practical Use of VHF Radio Installations ▼

Terminology ▼

Radio Procedures ▼

Communication Failure ▼

Distress and Urgency Communication ▼

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