The aim of the series of self-study lessons is to provide student pilots with a comprehensive knowledge of the subjects and to help them use this knowledge to improve flight safety. A further major objective is to prepare students for success in the SACAA theoretical knowledge examinations.

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Recommended study period – 2 months

30 Days Subscription
  • Computer Based Training, 84 Lessons – 65 hours
  • Online manuals
  • Workbooks
  • Examinations with revision


3 Months Subscription + additional set of eBooks
Subscribe for 90 days (3 months) and get an additional set of eBooks (5 titles and Air Exercises), books are in PDF format valued at R 1500.00


Principles of Flight (Aeroplane) ▼

Air Law & Operational Procedures ▼

Engine & Airframe (Aeroplane) ▼

Air Traffic Control ▼

Engine & Airframe (Instruments) ▼

Flight Planning and Aircraft Performance ▼

Meteorology ▼

Radio Navigation ▼

Navigation ▼

Human Performance ▼

Principles of Flight (Helicopter) ▼

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